Every moment of relating is a sacred encounter – an engaging, inspiring, nurturing, fulfilling event. Our entire relationship with life can be one of depth and lightness, joy and wonder, purpose and meaning.

We brought ourselves here to engage in conscious communion, to participate in the ongoing relationship of all things. With conscious presence every moment of relating is an opportunity to express the loving Self and to feel and witness ourselves as love through the reflection and appearance of ‘other.’ This appearance is seen as a gift; a multi-dimensional mirror, to know our infinite Self in and through endless forms.

The more you centre yourself in your own being, the more you centre yourself in consciousness. The more you are centred in consciousness, the more open and connected you are with life and with love. You literally become the conscious space of love.

Imagine then if your whole life were seated in your true self as love. You – love – would be everywhere you are!

I am LOVE.
(1h 03m 33s)
Attunement 2 Process
19 mins
Further Reflections on Attunement 2
15 mins