The 7 Attunements by Isira Programs

The 7 Attunements

Discover the 7 core attributes of enlightenment and reattune to the truth of what you are.


The 7 Attunements have been developed by Isira to re-attune you in a simple yet extremely powerful way to the truth of what you are: consciousness, love, energy, here… Whether using the Attunements during a heated encounter or in deep, silent contemplation, the effects are instant and irrefutable.

Repeated use of this technique will help you to break out of the habit of incessant thinking and reacting, and re-align you to pure consciousness. They cultivate unity via the acquiring of conscious habits and the breaking of unconscious ones.

What The 7 Attunement Program includes

The 7 Attunements is an online program that you can take in the comfort of your own home, either in your own time or over 7 weeks.

The program includes an introduction, the seven individual Attunements plus a conclusion. A total of 23 videos with a total length of over 8 hours.

Each of the 7 modules includes an introduction, the Attunement Meditation and a question and answer session with participants.

How the 7 Attunements support your conscious awakening

The 7 Attunements have proven to be a powerful turning point for many people seeking consciousness and truth.

In this program Isira delivers the full depth and breadth of how to step into the latent ‘enlightened qualities’ that lie within us all. Isira takes us into our own enlightened field by leading us to the exact nature and experiential realm of Enlightenment.

You will discover directly what the 7 qualities of enlightenment are and be shown how to align and attune to these within yourself.

You will gain a direct experience of your own more enlightened Self and learn how to integrate this in your life.

As you ‘attune’ to each quality you untap its latent power, bringing you into greater conscious awareness, love and presence. You discover how to BE a more enlightened presence.

If you want to move beyond concepts and begin to truly embody a more loving, awakened and liberated self, then this program is for you.

What do you receive
23 videos with a total length of over 8 hours of content.
If you are not completely satisfied Isira offers a 30 day money back guarantee. 

More details about The 7 Attunements
Isira first began teaching these attunements individually during satsangs and other programs from December 1987.

She then covered them in detail in her book – Awakening YOU

Isira then delivered The 7 Attunements live in 2016, and this product is a recording of that program where participants paid $499 to attend.

What people say about The 7 Attunements Program 

This is a very simple but profound practice! I feel loving, I feel free, I feel light and dedicated to keeping this state and these practices alive!
Leigh K.
Qi Gong and Yoga teacher

Isira takes ancient truths and makes them accessible for the modern mind. After 2 days, I walk away with many threads now unified and a stronger intention and rejuvenation of my practice.
Lydia V.
Music teacher and therapist

I feel I have been taught not only through words, but through a transmission of energy as well. As the weekend unfolded, so did the love and peace in my heart. I feel so grateful.
Catherine B.

The weekend gave me an insight and introduced me to the way of embracing consciousness and love and letting go / replacing the lifelong habits.

I have a deeper understanding of how I can be the greatest love and consciousness I can be.
Jo D.

I learnt a lot especially around how to deal with the conflict in my life. I can see and understand it more now and bring more awareness and love to these situations.
Tara F.
Sales rep

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What's included?

Video Icon 22 videos Text Icon 1 text file


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Introduction to the 7 Attunements
36 mins
31 mins
Attunement 1 Process
25 mins
Further Reflections on Attunement 1
19 mins
(1h 03m 33s)
Attunement 2 Process
19 mins
Further Reflections on Attunement 2
15 mins
20 mins
Attunement 3 Process
17 mins
Further Reflections on Attunement 3
22 mins
26 mins
Attunement 4 Process
19 mins
Further Reflections on Attunement 4
22 mins
12 mins
Attunement 5 Process
18 mins
Further Reflections on Attunement 5
13 mins
17 mins
Attunement 6 Process
13 mins
Further Reflections on Attunement 6
10 mins
13 mins
Attunement 7 Process
15 mins
The 7 Attunements - Unified
The 7 Attunements: Unified
12 mins

Consciousness is what you are looking for

“Peace, love and freedom are yours when you live consciously."

As an enlightened teacher Isira is a compassionate and powerful advocate for conscious change throughout the world. Her life is dedicated to facilitating conscious awakening, and catalysing the inherent power in all of us. As each of us awakens we can achieve our greatest potential and make a difference in the world. Isira calls this Holistic enlightenment. She offers the invitation, the tools, and the environment for humanity to awaken and live consciously.