Your introduction to universal wisdom | Foundational Practice by Isira Programs

Your introduction to universal wisdom | Foundational Practice

Discover the four universal laws that show how we can live deeply connected, happy and fulfilled. Learn how all life and all things are interconnected - and we can be too. Four simple exercises to enrich your life.

This program is also available to members of Isira's free online hub, The Awakening Place, as part of membership. 
All life and all things are interconnected. Supporting and binding that interconnection are four powerful, universal beliefs, which Isira calls ‘The 4 Pillars of Lore’. 
  • Environment and place - relationship with the natural world
  • Connection and kinship - relationships with all life
  • Inner connection - spiritual relationship between self and all
  • Universal laws - cosmic laws between all living things

Yet in the whirlwind of our daily lives it’s so easy to miss these soul-full connections. So easy to lose touch. 

Developed by Isira, these simple but very worthwhile exercises will introduce you to the 4 Pillars of Lore. They are your first steps on a wonderful journey. One that will enrich your life and your connection with the environment, people, yourself and the universe around us. 

We know you’ll enjoy the experience - and you’ll finish keen to learn more, go deeper and in doing so, live a fuller and more rewarding life.

Just click the link above to get started. It’s absolutely free and available to all.

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