Unity - It’s so much more than we have been taught by Isira Programs

Unity - It’s so much more than we have been taught

Starts Jul 12, 2020 at 7:30 PM AEST

There’s much more to Unity  than the words, “We’re all in this together”. This deeply moving webinar will reveal how to create true Unity within ourselves; in our relationships; and as a community.
Sunday, July 12 2020 5:30 AM (New York)
Sunday, July 12 2020 10:30 AM (London)
Sunday, July 12 2020 7.30 PM (Sydney)

These days there’s much talk about unity. But real, authentic unity is so much more than the catch-phrase, “We’re all in this together”. In this Truth Talk our guide, Isira, will show how unity has three forms.

  • In our own selves - bringing together the different parts of us;
  • As it supports and enhances our relationships; and
  • In helping us, as individuals and humanity, navigate our world’s challenges.

She will show how we can each welcome unity into our awareness, thus casting aside any biases and preconceptions we may have. And Isira will teach us how to create the space for true compassion, inclusion and oneness. 

This will be a deeply moving session. One that forms a vital part of our own personal reawakening and regeneration.

Ample time is allowed in these Truth Talks for your questions, which may be asked beforehand or during the session itself.

At the end, Isira will lead the group through a special meditation. One that will reveal the nature and essence of what unity means for you. It will be recorded so you can return to it at any time you feel the need.

A guide for our times

Isira is a respected wisdom keeper, spiritual master, author and speaker at global forums. Her provocative and powerful analysis of the issues we face helps humanity to navigate the divisive worlds of politics, climate change, mental health and beyond, in order to cultivate a more awakened and unified society. Read more