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Live Interactive Online Workshops

These intimate events with Isira are held on a regular basis. You also receive access to replays as a self-guided online workshop including The Gift of Grief; Reconnect, Restore, Regenerate; and An introduction to the 4 Pillars of Lore.

Regular Guidance with Isira

Isira regularly holds live-streamed Truth Talks (Satsang & Meditation). If you can't attend live we'll send you a recording to listen to at your leisure.

Guided Online Programs

Full access to recordings of Isira's live two-day programs support you to reconnect with your true Self including Mastering Meditation and The 7 Attunements.

Deepen your Awakening Journey

A unique opportunity for you to deepen your conscious enquiry while gaining more spiritual understanding of yourself through regular 1.5hr sessions with Isira.

Awakening Tools & Meditations

Simple, practical tools and meditations that will help you strengthen your own inner navigation system. New meditations uploaded regularly.

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Over 70+ hours of Isira's sessions where she shares powerful discourses, bringing clarity and truth to a range of topics that are deeply relevant to our lives.

To join the Awakening Place simply choose if you want to pay monthly or annually

It is Isira’s intention to bring the awakening experience to as many people as possible, so the peace, love and freedom that awakening brings can be shared.

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A guide for our times

Isira is a respected wisdom keeper, spiritual leader, author and speaker at global forums. Her provocative and powerful analysis of the issues we face helps humanity to navigate the divisive worlds of politics, climate change, mental health and beyond, in order to cultivate a more awakened and unified society. Read more

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