The Power of Compassion and Kindness | Truth Talk by Isira Programs

The Power of Compassion and Kindness | Truth Talk

Starts Oct 11, 2020 at 7:30 PM AEDT

Discover new ways to experience inner strength, kindness and compassion in these challenging times. Join Isira for her next 1.5hr webinar and learn how your inner peace can show you clarity and purpose.
Sunday 11 October - 4.30am (New York)
Sunday 11 October - 9.30am (London)
Sunday 11 October - 7.30pm (Sydney)

Do you feel our world is lurching from one crisis to the next? 
With the challenging  impacts of COVID, community divisions, unemployment and rising mental health concerns, is everything becoming more confused?

Finding Strength with Kindness and Compassion
Right now, we can either be consumed by our angst and emotional reactions, or we can find inner strength and a positive direction. Understanding, kindness and compassion are at the very heart of our next Truth Talk. 

With wisdom and insight, Isira will help you to understand the feelings we all experience; and identify the symptoms and behaviors that limit us. 

How to Embrace a New Approach
In this Truth Talk, Isira will guide you to embrace a new approach. One where you can look at yourself and your life with understanding, compassion and kindness. 

This will be a practical session with opportunities for you to talk from your own experience and of course, ask questions. The Truth Talk includes a guided meditation to anchor and strengthen your new approach.

A guide for our times

Isira is a respected wisdom keeper, spiritual master, author and speaker at global forums. Her provocative and powerful analysis of the issues we face helps humanity to navigate the divisive worlds of politics, climate change, mental health and beyond, in order to cultivate a more awakened and unified society. Read more