The Gift of Grief | A Guided Online Workshop ➁ by Isira Programs

The Gift of Grief | A Guided Online Workshop ➁

An on-demand workshop to listen to at any time, with personal interactive exercises and guided meditations with Isira. 

This 2.5hr workshop was recorded live and online with Isira at Elanora. 

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Grief is not just about death and dying. The current COVID 19 epidemic is giving rise to a level of grief (or loss) for all of us. Many have lost jobs, businesses, financial security or even homes. Some have lost good health and are struggling with the illness. And through isolation and distancing, all of us have lost a level of contact with friends, associates, our communities and most importantly, our families. But worse still, we may be mourning lost family or friends; or see the overwhelming loss of life around the world. 
Grief comes in many forms. And it can play-out in our lives in many different (and sometimes confusing) ways, such as anger, sadness or going within. 

Over a soul awakening 2.5 hours Isira shows us new ways of looking-at and living-with grief. Remarkably, she shows us how, with consciousness, we can see the gifts that grief can bring to our lives and our own approach to life.
The 2 1/2 hour replay of the program that was presented live and online, includes:
  • Understanding the various stages of grief.
  • What we can learn from ancient and Indigenous cultures.
  • Practices and tools (including two guided meditations) to help us navigate through grief  - from loss, pity and hopelessness to renewed hope and happiness.
  • A deep appreciation for what we have lost and what lies ahead.
  • Group interaction and answers to people's questions.

What's included?

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Looking at grief with consciousness and a new, gentler understanding.
The Gift of Grief - Video 1
The Gift of Grief - Video 2
The Gift of Grief - Video 3
Tools and Resources
Moving consciously through Change - Diagram
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Moving consciously through Change - Handout
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Present Moment Awareness Meditation
14 mins
Oneness Meditation
15 mins
Links to other Tools and Resources to support you
The Gift of Grief - Audio
The Gift of Grief - Audio 1
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The Gift of Grief - Audio 2
52 mins
The Gift of Grief - Audio 3
43 mins


This workshop was AMAZING! I got up at 4:30 am in the United States to be part of it, and I am so grateful I did! Isira is a rare spiritual master and teacher for our times.
This talk was so wholistic and integrated--heart and love mixed with clear wisdom and truth. Embodied individual humanity balanced with the formless, eternal, one Self. The personal and the collective. The dark and the light.
She walks us through how to accept and embrace our most basic, primal human emotions of anger, grief, fear etc. to be able to then transmute them and move into a place of ultimate thriving, for ourselves and for all humanity.
She talks about not merely awakening on our individual "meditation cushions" so to speak, but awakening in context of the greater ecosystem of which we are an intrinsic part--nature, our kin, our country, our world and our cosmos. Her message is the hope for our future. For as the Dalai Lama said, we must "do more than pray."
Beyond just her words, the transmission of her love and awakened consciousness was profound and palpable for me. Just listening to her voice was like a tuning fork for for my nervous system, my spirit, my consciousness.
I will move heaven and earth to join these workshops every two weeks (and next time, I'll be on time at 4am!). She is the teacher I've been looking for. Bless you Isira. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Namaste.

Julia P. - USA
This information is one of the most valuable tools for successfully navigating through the troubled waters of the current condition on Earth. 
Martha H. - USA
The Gift of Grief was highly informative, of great value and importance. It gave me a much deeper and clearer understanding of the process we are all undergoing. I learnt a tremendous amount in what was almost a 3 hour session. It's given me more self awareness of my own personal experience, my emotions, thoughts and the symptomatic signs of grief. I think this enables me to have more compassion and acceptance of myself and loved ones. I am most grateful for the tools and guidance Isira offers to support us in these times. They are practical and simple and yet profound, and have helped me daily and in moments of overwhelm and uncertainty. We are truly, greatly blessed to have the presence and teachings of Isira at this time on earth, which is very much needed. I am deeply grateful and feel supported and well guided by Isira. Many thanks to the wonderful work of the team and for bringing all this together for us, in supporting us through these times of significant change.
Rosemary V. - Australia
Available to all full paid members of The Awakening Place, as part of your membership, or buy for $49.
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A guide for our times

Isira is a respected wisdom keeper, spiritual leader, author and speaker at global forums. Her provocative and powerful analysis of the issues we face helps humanity to navigate the divisive worlds of politics, climate change, mental health and beyond, in order to cultivate a more awakened and unified society. Read more

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