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Mastering Meditation

Isira’s foundational program giving you a deeper, more profound understanding and real experience of meditation and lead you to a direct experience of consciousness.
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Whilst most people realise the necessity and benefits of meditation, many remain frustrated with the process. 

In the Mastering Meditation online program Isira gives you a deeper and more profound understanding of meditation. She also delivers some of her most powerful and foundational methods of meditation, leading you to the direct experience of consciousness. 

When you know the core framework of meditation you will fully understand why the continuous application of meditative practices are so important to your overall health and wellbeing. Helping to fuel a consistent practice routine. 

In this program you will also discover:
  • The key factors of meditation and how they relate together.
  • What you can really expect to experience in mediation. 
  • How to create the right environment to enhance your meditation experience.
  • How to fully engage your conscious awareness in your daily life.
  • How to anchor more deeply in the here and the now.
  • Meditation tools and exercises that you can use daily.
  • What leads you into the most natural and deep meditative states.
  • How to go into actualised states of deeper consciousness, realisation and presence.
The Mastering Meditation program will enable you to deepen and integrate consciousness so that you can practise and experience true meditation in your daily life.

Master your Self - by mastering meditation

Take the Mastering Meditation in your own time or over 8 Weeks (we’ll send you an email each week)

The Mastering Meditation program was recorded live, and has now been edited into a series of modules, that you can work through in a step by step, way. The easy to access modules include:
  1. Introduction
  2. Right Environment
  3. From Right Environment to Right Attention
  4. Right Attention and Contemplation Exercise
  5. Deepening Right Attention
  6. Right Alignment
  7. Right Engagement
  8. The Stages of Mastering Meditation and Chanting and Toning

What meditation does for you

Excerpt from the Mastering Meditation program

Isira shares why it is good for you to experience meditative states of being; and why we have high statistics of depression, anxiety and loneliness as a society.

The practices that are included in the Mastering Meditation online Program

These are the individual practices that Isira shares with you in the Mastering Meditation program. You’ll watch them as part of the overall program, and also receive the audio downloads so you can access them on your mobile device.
  • Opening Meditation
  • Unveiling
  • Alpha Breathing
  • Witnessing
  • Being aware of all energy
  • Short Unveiling
  • Engaged Meditation
  • Chanting and Toning


“I now know what meditation really is and how to be. I have the tools to work through anything. Isira not only points to what meditation is, but the understanding of the blocks that prevent us from being it.”
Luca S. Australia
“This meditation program helped me to slowly break open my heart and trust life again. I leave feeling deep presence and the collective consciousness, there is no separation.”
Chevy L. Australia
“Everything that was shared in this meditation program was rich and meaningful to me. The biggest thing I will take away is beyond words. Isira has given me permission to explore meditation and open up to so many possibilities. I give this program 100 out of 10.”
Pilparri, Australia
Magda shares about her experience in attending the live Mastering Meditation Program.
Tara shares why she decided to attend the Mastering Meditation program even though she's attended other programs with Isira for 10 years.

Our Refund Policy

If the content of this program has not met your expectations please send us an email explaining why, within 30 days of your purchase,  and we’ll be happy to refund what you paid.

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