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Alpha Breathing

In this free program Isira takes you through her signature practice, Alpha Breathing.  This conscious habit, supports you to shift and release agitation, and empty out unconscious habits and energies that are stored within you from the past; leading to a state of calm. Using Alpha Breathing changes your brain wave state to Alpha and Theta. Both of these frequencies correspond with meditative being. “There are 7 Conscious Habits that we can adopt that realign us with our most authentic, aware, and present Self. The first of these are Breathing and Meditation.” Isira Read more about Isira here Please note ~ When you decide to register for Alpha Breathing you will also be registered to receive weekly image inspirations, free videos and articles from Isira and we will keep you informed on upcoming events. See our Privacy, Terms and Conditions . You can unsubscribe at any time. © 2018 Isira - Live Consciously

Awakening You

Embodying peace, love and freedom on earth.  A handbook for the true seeker of consciousness. Read the first 57 pages for free.

Buddha on the Dance Floor

The autobiography of Isira’s remarkable journey. Read the first 33 pages.