The 7 Attunements - Unified

The discovery awaiting us is that we have always been the source of everything we seek. We are more than capable of living in harmony with the whole. This is the sacred story of life. This is a story so worthy of embracing!

This is a story that can equip us with the strength we need to re-adjust life as we are living it now. It is a story that serves us to know and believe in our capacity to act with the greatest efficacy and timeliness, to steer our world towards one of wellbeing for all.

The choice is simple. Change nothing and serve the limited ego-version of ourselves at the expense of the whole, or liberate the inherent power of the grand Self for the whole to thrive. This is the cause of awakening. It is why the journey of awakening is the liberator for us all. It is the only passage that can bring us out of our world of destruction and into a world of co-creation.

It takes each one of us to live a more awakened life to bring kindness, love and harmony to the whole, to commit to the journey of awakening as a human family.

To strengthen this capacity takes conscious intention, commitment and effort.

It requires holding ourselves and our consciousness open towards the unknown, that which we are all unfolding into, in a curious rather than fearful way.

The 7 Attunements are an invitation for you to make a direct connection with the truth in you, to make it tangible, because it already abides in you. The attunements literally contain the vibration of each element of truth, of the sacred story of you and universe.

As you continue to work with the Attunements you will realise that you have become the sacred story.

I am LOVE.
I am GRATEFUL for this moment.
All is ONE.
I am ENERGY … connected with all.
I AM here.
I AM THE Presence of Love.
The 7 Attunements - Unified
The 7 Attunements: Unified
12 mins