During this program Isira will introduce you to ‘the 7 Attunements.’ These are core states of aware attention that facilitate a recalibration of your whole being into a state of loving oneness, presence and harmony. The Attunements will assist you in gaining the correct focus to connect within and tune into the seven qualities of enlightened being.

The Attunements work in a way that realigns you in the true nature of your Self and of life. They act as powerful energy tuners, much like a tuning fork, that help you to exercise a clean, strong alignment with consciousness, love, presence and oneness.

They will tune you into the true state of being. As such, the Attunements act to make your being more harmonious and conscious. Every time you attune, you strengthen and elevate your vibration.

As you practice each of the Attunements, you will increase your vibration of love. By aligning yourself with love, the fears you hold can begin to dissolve. As your fears dissolve, you will find yourself present to life as it truly is. You will abide gracefully in the ground of being.

To use the Attunements most effectively, it is important to repeat them every day. Isira recommends three times a day – or at the least at the start and the end of your day.

In addition, it is also very effective to write the words out and place them where you will see them regularly.

To use each Attunement, begin with a centring meditation, take a few moments with your eyes closed, breathing in to your heart centre and reflecting on the words. Hear the words in your being. Feel the vibration of the words. Feel the truth of the words. Then state the words clearly. You can do this silently in your heart or out loud. Repeat the Attunement three times. Then continue to feel the state of your being aligned with the Attunement for a few more minutes.

Working with the Attunements and learning to focus internally will provide you with essential tools to establish greater peace. Remember, a strong inner connection is vital to wellbeing. It is our inner state that generates our whole experience of life, each other and the world.
Introduction to the 7 Attunements
36 mins