If human beings are here on earth for any good reason at all, it is to learn about love! The purpose of awakening is to remember our true Self, and in doing so, bring its loving power into this world.

The four pillars of loving expression are forgiveness, empathy, inclusiveness and gratitude. These core behaviours reflect love in its distinct qualities and strengths. These awaken our universal heart. And when we open our heart we find ourselves in the middle of the wonder of existence, in love and in awe of this astonishing creation. We can’t help but praise all that is.

Whenever you feel unsure or like you’ve lost your way: close your eyes, listen closely and attend with your heart. Your heart will always guide you more wisely than your head. Be love; Voice love; Think love; Inspire love; Feel and act through love; Share love and Unite in loving power.

Today is your day. This now is your moment, the one and only place you can be all you can be; so let it be great. Let it be a smile, a kind thought and a loving action.

You have an infinite supply of everything you can give! And your whole life changes with the one realisation: “I am love.” All of life is the creation of love. You are love. You always have been and always will be.

I AM THE Presence of Love.
13 mins
Attunement 7 Process
15 mins