The more you choose to stay present in the Now and to experience the true nature of each moment, engaging in and with aliveness, the more you will see, feel and know the freedom and certainty of life in every moment.

The more you pay attention to everything that is truly alive, the more you will realise how quiet the mind is when you are engaged in the ‘hereness’ that is. In fact there is little place for the mind and the stories of the past or future when you are engaged with all that is alive in the now.

You may also notice that curiosity has awoken again, and that there is no need to define anything, for the experience is already fulfilling and true in itself.

The living moment is all you have; it is all you are. Make it your priority and habit to be centred in the Now, to be here, and you will live a more enlightened life.

I AM here.
17 mins
Attunement 6 Process
13 mins
Further Reflections on Attunement 6
10 mins