When we are centred in energy, it naturally follows that our energies begin to balance and we occupy a more authentic state. We also begin to naturally rest in a state of presence. We begin to truly live from the ‘ground of being’.

The key then is to be more constantly connected with your inner body, to feel it at all times. This will rapidly, and deeply, transform your life. The more consciousness you direct to the inner body, the higher its vibrational frequency becomes.

Additional to this is a freeing up of contracted energies and conditioned habits we have adopted over many years. Usually, most people experience their lives through the layers of these conditions. These patterns of energy are stored in the unconscious field, the subconscious mind and the nervous system. These stored energies are responsible for the way we misinterpret life and continue to react to it. Consequently, most people are living in a perpetual feedback loop, unable to see and experience life as it truly is.

Attunement 5 is about developing the habit of releasing energy and letting energy flow consciously, leading you to states of deeper harmony.

I am ENERGY … connected with all.
12 mins
Attunement 5 Process
18 mins
Further Reflections on Attunement 5
13 mins