Our entire experience of life can either be centred in love or in fear. Love is the true nature of all creation. Everything is created from, through and for love. Love is the vibration of our being as a whole, as the infinite power of the universe. Fear is the opposite.

Our whole human experience is about this. It is about us awakening from our illusions (fears) and rediscovering love. This means we will use our life experiences in two primary ways: to remember love (to receive love) and to create with love (to give love).

If you want to feel truly content and satisfied in life, then gratitude is the key. It is impossible to feel lack when you are feeling gratitude. This is because gratitude puts you in the mindset of acknowledging what you do have. When you are in gratitude, you are focused on having, not on what is missing. This generates a strong sub-conscious energy association of fullness and wholeness.

Once you start looking at the things you can give thanks for, you will discover an almost endless space is available in your heart for gratitude.

I am GRATEFUL for this moment.
20 mins
Attunement 3 Process
17 mins
Further Reflections on Attunement 3
22 mins