Awakening - the missing pieces by Isira Programs

Awakening - the missing pieces

Starts Jul 27, 2020 at 10:00 AM AEST

Awakening is more than an inner quest. In this 1.5 hour free online webinar Isira shares, by seeing and understanding our awakening within a holistic perspective, we will be able to find greater integration of our awakening and find ourselves responding more consciously in the world.
“While deep connection with our inner being and consciousness is essential to awakening, it is just one part of living our best life. If we can see and understand our awakening within a holistic perspective, we’ll make our way in the world with confidence and a strong connection, not just with ourselves, but with everything.” Isira

Our personal journey of awakening draws us inward into a deep connection with ourselves and our consciousness. The meditations, the exercises and the process itself is intensely personal; and often also comforting and secure. For some then, “going back into the real world” might feel confronting and a struggle. 

This webinar is specifically designed to help you bridge the gap. To confidently take your awakened self into everyday life, its relationships, challenges and joys. Through a combination of her own wisdom, real life examples and some specific exercises/tools Isira will gently challenge you to see how easy (and fulfilling!) it can be to live an awakened life, both internally and externally. 

Our topic will raise queries and there’ll be ample opportunity for you to ask a question. 

As with most of Isira’s webinars this one will include a guided and supportive meditation. 

Sun 26 July - 5pm (Los Angeles)
Sun 26 July - 8pm (New York)
Mon 27 July - 10am (Sydney)

Join us to create your own bridge; and then walk securely over it to a richer life.

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