Alpha Breathing by Isira Programs

Alpha Breathing

Receive Isira’s Foundational Practice - Alpha Breathing. A conscious tool to shift your brain wave state and support your awakening.


In this free program Isira takes you through her signature practice, Alpha Breathing. 

This conscious habit, supports you to shift and release agitation, and empty out unconscious habits and energies that are stored within you from the past; leading to a state of calm.

Using Alpha Breathing changes your brain wave state to Alpha and Theta. Both of these frequencies correspond with meditative being.

“There are 7 Conscious Habits that we can adopt that realign us with our most authentic, aware, and present Self. The first of these are Breathing and Meditation.” Isira
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What's included?

Video Icon 5 videos Text Icon 2 text files


Introduction to Alpha Breathing and other Foundational Practices
11 mins
Foundational Practice - Alpha Breathing
Isira explains Alpha Breathing
6 mins
Alpha Breathing Practice
21 mins
More reflections on Alpha Breathing
7 mins
Brain Wave States
Isira explains more about the Brain Wave States
14 mins
What's next?
How can you further support your conscious awakening?

Consciousness is what you are looking for

“Peace, love and freedom are yours when you live consciously."

As an enlightened teacher Isira is a compassionate and powerful advocate for conscious change throughout the world. Her life is dedicated to facilitating conscious awakening, and catalysing the inherent power in all of us. As each of us awakens we can achieve our greatest potential and make a difference in the world. Isira calls this Holistic enlightenment. She offers the invitation, the tools, and the environment for humanity to awaken and live consciously. 


How long does the Alpha Breathing Course take?

The course content is an hour. After you understand how to do Alpha Breathing, you can watch and practice the technique everyday. You will gain the most benefit from Alpha Breathing through regular daily practice and more often as needed. 

Is the Alpha Breathing Course completely free?

Yes, Isira offers Alpha Breathing free of charge to get you started with living consciously. You can sign-up simply by entering your email address.